The SideKIC

How it Works

The SideKIC has two parts, connected with a cable. One part is the controller. This part has the screen and the controls. The other part is the heater. The heater goes in your bowl or pot, and heats and circulates the water.

This is the controller, with the screen and the knob This is the heater, which goes in the water.

You control the SideKIC with just one knob – it’s also a button (you press it in to click). It couldn’t be easier to use. To change the temperature, or start the machine, you click the wheel to access the menu. Then turn the wheel to select an option and click again.

What’s on the Screen

The SideKIC has a bright, clear screen that makes it easy to set up and easy to work with. Here are some of the screens you’ll see when using the machine.

Note that these images are mock-ups, it’s too hard to get good photographs of the actual screen. However we used the actual images that are programmed into the SideKIC to draw these, so they’re a pretty good representation of what you’ll see:

  1. The main screen of the SideKIC shows the cooking temperature (your target temperature), the water temperature (the actual temperature of the water right now), and how long it’s been running.
  2. You control the SideKIC using menus – there’s a control knob you can turn and click. Everything you want to do with the SideKIC – start and stop, set the temperature, change settings – is easy to find with a couple of clicks.
  3. The same wheel you use for the menu makes it easy to set the temperature – just turn to the right setting and click! You can set the temperature before you start, or change it at any time while you’re cooking (of course it will take a little time to adjust to changes).
  4. While it’s running, the machine will occasionally show a screen saver. This helps lengthen the life of the screen, but if you need to see what’s happening, just turn the wheel (or click) and you’re back.

Cooking with the SideKIC

Cooking with the SideKIC is easy. Click here to see how it works step-by-step.

More Information

The SideKIC comes with a user manual that explains in more detail how to use it and how it works. You can have a look at the manual, in PDF form, here:

SideKIC User Manual (1.7M PDF)